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PRCA Announces New Gallery Coordinator

 While there is a lot happening around our community surrounding the pandemic, we are happy to announce some exciting news: This past week, the Board of Directors hired Lori Kurpiers to fulfill the Gallery Coordinator position at Prairie Art & Gifts, previously held by Dawn Poore who is stepping down. The board is eternally grateful for the hard work and dedication that Dawn has devoted to the PRCA for several years as an artist, board member, and Gallery Coordinator. If you’ve ever visited our store or attended one of our many events, you know that Dawn has been an incredible volunteer and friendly face. Sincerest thanks to Dawn – we wish you all the best!

Lori Kurpiers is a UMM alum and Morris artist who currently works at the Stevens County Historical Society as the Office and Program Coordinator. As the new Gallery Coordinator, some of Lori’s responsibilities include overseeing general office operation, and recruiting, training, and scheduling artists and volunteers. She is also responsible for participating in the planning, execution, and promotion of PRCA events. Welcome, Lori, we look forward to working with you!