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COVID-19 Safety Plan

The Prairie Renaissance Cultural Alliance and Prairie Art & Gifts is working to help keep our volunteers and shoppers safe. The new safety procedures include:

  • Taking in new artwork by appointment only. This will allow time for staff and volunteers to safely process new additions. Cloth/canvas will be stored for 72 hours prior to being placed on the sales floor. Hard-surface donations will be sanitized (if possible) before going on display on the sales floor. New artwork will not be accepted without an appointment.
  • Increasing cleaning and sanitization, with extra attention to high-touch surfaces such as register area, door handles, display counters, tables, etc.
  • Providing a plexiglass barrier at the check-out area to enhance safety of staff/volunteers and customers.
  • Providing hand sanitizer at each entrance and exit as well as on the checkout table for staff, volunteers, donors, and customer use.
  • Providing soap in bathroom for staff and volunteers and requiring them to wash their hands for 20 seconds at the beginning and end of each shift.
  • Requiring that face coverings be worn by our staff and volunteers when they are interacting directly with customers.
  • Ensuring social distancing of six feet or more and limiting the number of people in store to no more than 10 shoppers at any time.
  • Altering hours of operation to allow for additional cleaning and artwork processing time.
  • No in-person events. Events such as classes and exhibitions may be provided online instead.