Our mission is to connect our community by creating spaces to experience the arts in Stevens County. We advocate, promote, and coordinate arts, heritage, and cultural activities in our area by:

  • Supporting the creativity of all people
  • Welcoming and celebrating a variety of cultures and perspectives
  • Weaving arts, culture, and heritage into the fabric of the community
  • Creating a physical place to see, do, and experience art, culture, and heritage

The PRCA gallery and Prairie Art & Gifts is located downtown Morris, MN at 630 Atlantic Avenue

PRCA Board of Directors

  • Rhoda Smith of Donnelly, president
  • Merrilee Stahler of Morris, vice president
  • Rachel Moe Brown of Morris, secretary
  • Liz Morrison of Morris, treasurer
  • Tom Brisbois-Haubrich of Morris
  • Gordon McIntosh of Morris
  • Elaine Simonds-Jaradat of Morris
  • Matthew Sheets of Morris

Comments or questions are welcome