Common Thread
October 22 – December 5, 2020

Artist Statement:

I am a mixed blood, mixed media artist and educator. I work in series to help tell a story. I work in a variety of media, drawing, painting, and printmaking. The dress is a constant symbol in my work addressing social issues and injustice.

This pattern continues to plague women today. The pattern among Native women and women of color is critically magnified. The MMIW movement (Missing Murdered Indigenous Women; and People-children, LGBT, men) is creating awareness of this chronic and enduring epidemic. It is with the utmost importance that we look at how and what we are teaching our children.

The dress is a simple garment and a powerful artifact. It represents a sorrowful saga that entwines, binds, and connects my grandmother, my mother, and my sisters with the power of a common thread.

Laura Young Bird

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